How to claim exit fees

We want to help you switch to Payor as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why we could pay up to £3,000 for any fees incurred from cancelling your contract with your previous provider.

Note: If you’re on our fixed rate price plan of 1.3% you could claim up to £500. Or if you have bespoke rates, you could claim up to £3,000.

Simply follow the steps below to claim your cancellation costs:

  1. Contact us with up to 6 months of processing history
  2. Cancel your contract with your existing provider
  3. Complete a claim form
  4. Receive your refund

Cancel your contract with your existing provider

Note: Finish signing up with Payor before cancelling your previous contract. We’re unable to cancel it on your behalf.

  1. Contact your previous provider to cancel your contract (there’s an example letter below). This also includes your terminal leasing provider if you have a separate contract with them. You’ll find their contact details on previous statements or on their website. The process for cancelling your existing contract will differ depending on your previous provider. However, we recommend including all the information in the example in your cancellation request.
  2. Pay any cancellation fees to your previous provider. Make sure you keep proof of payment in the form of a bank statement, receipt, or payment authorisation.
  3. Request a final VAT statement. Ask your previous card payment provider to send you a final VAT statement or invoice clearly stating the fee for cancellation. You will also need to request one from your terminal leasing provider if this is a separate company.

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