How to setup your card machine

Payor Pro

We’ve made it really quick and easy to install the Payor Pro. It’ll only take you a few minutes, and all you need is your Wi-Fi details, and the activation code we sent you by email.

1) Remove the battery protection sticker #

Open the back of the card machine to remove the battery, and peel off the protective sticker.

2) Power it up #

Connect the USB cable to the power adapter and plug into the charging base. To power on your machine, hold down the power button for 2-4 seconds.

3) Connect to Wi-Fi #

You’ll need to connect to Wi-Fi to set up your machine – just follow the instructions on-screen to do this. If you’d prefer to use mobile connectivity to set up, click ‘Wi-Fi settings’ and ‘Skip Wi-Fi set up’ and follow the steps.

We recommend connecting to Wi-Fi so that your card machine receives software updates quicker.

4) Enter your activation code #

When prompted, enter the activation code we sent you by email and SMS. This connects your card machine to your account. 

To finish setting up, just follow the final few steps on-screen.

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