Mobile connectivity

The Payor Pro comes with 4G connectivity via its in-built SIM card. This means if your Wi-Fi ever goes down, you can still take payments using a mobile signal.

Your Payor Pro will automatically switch to 4G if your Wi-Fi drops out. But if you’re having intermittent Wi-Fi, you can switch to mobile connectivity in just a few taps.

  1. On your Payor Pro, tap the menu bar and select ‘Settings’
  2. Tap ‘Wi-Fi.’ It should currently be marked ‘Enabled’
  3. Toggle the switch to ‘Off’ to disable the Wi-Fi connection
  4. You should see the 4G icon appear at the top of the screen as it switches to a mobile signal
  5. We recommend you make a test transaction of £0.01 to confirm the 4G connection is stable.

Just remember to turn your Wi-Fi settings back on once your internet connection is stable again.

Note: Your Payor terminal will be unable to connect to 4G and take payments if there is no available mobile signal. If you’ll be trading in a remote location without a Wi-Fi connection, we recommend checking its signal strength before you arrive using a tool such as this website.

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