Understanding your invoice

We’ll email you a monthly invoice for each of your business locations (if you have more than one). 

Summary page #

The summary page displays your overall monthly charges, along with a total for each section of your invoice – card transactions, card machine services, account services, and chargebacks.

Card transactions #

This section of your invoice breaks down:

  • Transaction charges. These are the rates charged to process each card transaction securely. They vary depending on the type of card used, and you can find specific rates within your Dojo agreement. Your invoice includes a breakdown of each card type, the number of transactions, rate per transactions, total number and value of transactions taken, and the corresponding cost.
  • Minimum monthly payment (if applicable). When you sign up with us, you agree to a minimum monthly payment. This is the minimum amount you’ll need to pay for transaction rates, even if you don’t take any card payments. 
  • Transaction fees. Each transaction you process has to be authorised in order to verify the card being used. This incurs a small authorisation fee. You’ll also be charged a refund fee for any refunds you process. 

Card machines #

This section of your invoice shows:

  • Card machine services. You’ll be charged for each card machine you have with us. This gives you access to technical support, troubleshooting and next day card machine replacement.

Account services #

 This section of your invoice shows:

  • PCI management. Ongoing security and fraud protection to ease your PCI requirements
  • Adhoc account management fees. You may incur additional account management charges according to our fees schedule. For example, if you change the legal entity on your account. 
  • Mobile connectivityThis is included free of charge. It gives you mobile connectivity if your network connection goes down. Get in touch with us to add this to your account.

Chargebacks #

  • Chargeback management. If a cardholder raises a chargeback against your business, the transaction amount will be deducted from your next invoice, along with a chargeback management fee. This covers the cost of managing your case with the cardholder’s Issuing Bank.

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