How FastFood provides better service with Payor World

FastFood discovered that 70% of its customers would use mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay if available. Thanks to Payor’s responsive payments experience, FastFood customers can now check out 3x faster by using mobile wallets on any device. Clive Henderson, Finance Director of FastFood, explains that “Speed of ordering is paramount. Offering mobile wallets in the payment experience has played a big role in product adoption and success.” For FastFood customers who don’t use mobile wallets but still expect a fast payment experience, Payor’s Card Saved feature has proven successful. In just one month, several hundred thousand Payor’s customers saved their credit card details for repeat payments.

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“We use PayorWorld because we want to be able to scale without worrying about if we can handle the payments or not.”

Jay Santana

The challenge

“Fast Food operates with a vision to change the landscape of how brick-and-mortar stores with small margins use tech to run their operations. When COVID-19 unexpectedly disrupted the hospitality industry, FastFood transitioned to a table-based ordering product. It needed a partner that could help it quickly implement its new offering and navigate a significant increase in payments due to the changing industry landscape.”

The solution

Payor helped FastFood to expedite growth due to the rising popularity of its new online ordering and table ordering service called FastFood. When the hospitality industry reopened afer the Spring 2020 lockdown, FastFood saw a 30x increase in orders from the previous week. Payor’s stability and ease of use was critical in managing this significant, unexpected growth. Fast Food used Payor Connect to onboard 1000+ restaurants to FastFood in just eight weeks, with an onboarding process that takes only 10 minutes for each restaurant and requires no additional work from FastFood.

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