Missguided increases checkout conversion and accelerates international growth with Payor

For fast-fashion retailer Missguided, the rise of mobile and global shopping has paved the way to breakout growth in recent years. The company sells online internationally and through bricks-and-mortar stores in the United Kingdom, its home base.

With a frictionless global checkout experience that is fast, simple and fully-optimised, Missguided was able to increase conversion rates across web and mobile. Payor also increased revenue for Missguided by blocking potentially fraudulent payments before they happened and reducing the manual work otherwise required to screen payments for fraud. With Payor Chargeback protection , Missguided now has more time to focus on doing what they do best – making the online and mobile shopping experience even better.


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In the early days of e-commerce, when retailers had to write every line of code themselves, maintain their own servers and build their own payment infrastructure, only the incumbents had the resource to tackle this kind of challenge. But now, technology is enabling us to grow in a completely different way and scale at a speed hitherto unseen in the industry.

Mark Leach, Head of E-commerce

The challenge

With a growing network of sales channels and millions of customers located all over the world, Missguided, a fast-fashion retailer, needed to deliver a fast, seamless checkout experience across channels and markets without burdensome and complex systems. Whether customers are browsing the Missguided website or using the mobile app, they want to find and buy new looks without navigating a ten-step checkout process or getting redirected to a separate payments website. And when new payment options come to the market, such as Apple Pay, Missguided wanted to be able to quickly offer these payment methods to its customers.

With customers in more than 150 countries, Missguided needed a payments platform with global reach and built-in fraud protection that wouldn’t require constant oversight or significant technical and operational resourcing.

The solution

Missguided chose to partner with Payor for its simple and powerful payments platform to help fuel the company’s long term growth. Payor’s localised checkout flows and support for payments in 130+ help keep Missguided running smoothly for shoppers in every country.

“Payor was a natural fit, with its emphasis on software that goes far beyond payments and a fundamentally different approach to commerce online,” said Mark Leach, Head of Commerce at Missguided.

Missguided also chose fraud prevention. Payor Fraud prevention is fully integrated with the platform and helps Missguided combat fraud without disrupting payments flows or adding work for the Missguided team. Radar is powered by machine-learning technology that gathers data from Payor’s global network of hundreds of thousands of businesses and automatically adapts to stop fraudulent transactions.

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