Make sure customers sign up with ease, and get their regular fix without any interruptions..

Keep your subscription service running smoothly

  • Customer Acquisition: Deliver a smooth and secure checkout experience by accepting payments via Credit Cards, Digital Wallets, Direct Debit, and more.
  • Tax Management : Scale peacefully by staying ahead of changing tax rules, regulations, and compliances all around the world.
  • Dunning Management : Set up smart retry logic and backup payment options to eliminate payment-related involuntary churn..

Increase authorization rates

  • Recover lost revenue: during the payment process.
  • Retry failed transactions: the smart way to keep customers on board.
  • Recover payments: with fewer retries to ensure cost efficiency. .
“Payor have helped reduce our churn rates by designing a subscription program and site that lets our customers easily update their subscriptions products and frequency. Canceled subscriptions have decreased with more customers choosing to skip or swap an order.”
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Measure performance

  • Provide the best payment experience: across all devices through multiple integration options. ✌️
  • Authenticate a payment only when truly needed: for a faster checkout.
  • No need to worry about PSD2: as exemptions and custom rules are automatically triggered.
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